Green Initiatives

At Taconic Builders, pursuit of green initiatives represents an extension of our founding principle: to custom-build exceptional environments that will enhance the lives of the current and future occupants.

Construction, whether it is ground-up or renovation, provides many opportunities both large and small to improve our environment. With our roots in restoration and renovation, we have a history of responsible recycling and resource management, which are basic to the establishment of a safe and environmentally sensitive work site. With a conservationist’s mind-set, Taconic looks at home or work environments as eco-microcosms and does everything possible to construct something that is not only beautiful but also responsible. Working with so many estimable architects, designers and clients has made our goal of sustainable building a collaborative process that continues to create significant improvements in the quality of life for the homeowner and the environment. We are knowledgeable about sustainable practices, have LEED certified project managers and are members of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC.) Ever mindful of our clients’ health, safety and long-term investment, Taconic Builders is an active partner in offering thoughtful solutions and executing responsible choices.

Benefits of Sustainable Building:

Health – Using toxin-free materials, paint and insulation combined with proper air filtration and circulation can minimize respiratory ailments and airborne allergens and also eliminate mold and mildew.

Environment – Reduction of a home’s carbon footprint delivers multiple benefits to the planet. Innovative energy systems that save on water, electricity and gas not only conserve natural resources but also use less fossil fuel, which are pollutants to the atmosphere and contribute to global warming.

Value – While some resource and energy efficient systems will cost more to install, they ultimately pay for themselves by lowering energy costs and increasing home value. Federal, state and local incentives may also be available.

GeoExchange Technology:

Taconic Builders has the most experience in its market in the installation of geothermal systems and has employed a most impressive range of custom solutions on properties both traditional and contemporary.

A comprehensive commitment by all members of the design and building teams can make a valuable contribution to the adoption of enlightened choices in all future renovations or new home construction.

For further information on Green Building, please visit the following; US Green Building Council and NAHB Green.

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